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Reality Rocker

Michel Montecrossa's Power Cyberrock Movie Series

'Reality Rocker' Part I-VI released by Filmaur Multimedia is Michel Montecrossa's provocating, mind-blowing, powerful and tender erotic satire on human conditionality.
The Reality Rocker DVD Series tells the story of the soul’s passage through the world in search of love and redemption, presenting Michel Montecrossa's fascinating Rock-Music and Image World.
'Reality Rocker' Part I-VI is Michel Montecrossa-Rock-Cinema pure. It is wild, passionate, free, borderless, sensual and erotic Movie-Art creating through the breathtaking fusion of powerful images with powerful rock songs the intense experience-world of freedom and love, battle and conquest, hope and victory.
Reality Rocker Part I-VI, Michel Montecrossa's Power Cyberrock DVD Series creating new dimensions of Rock-Movie-Art and Borderless Experience of sensuality, wideness, love and intensity.