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Reality Rocker, Part One: ‘New Day’

Written and directed by Michel Montecrossa
Starring: Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali, Diana Antara, Mirachandra, Artis Aldschalis, Savonia Starland, Mirabella Michelle, David Butterfield, Special Guests
Lyrics & Music by Michel Montecrossa.
Additional music by Mirakali
Additional lyrics by William Wordsworth

Produced by Filmaur Multimedia, Germany
(Color, English language, 60:00 Min.)

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Reality Rocker, Part One is titled ‘New Day’ and tells the story of Reality Rocker who is in search of his ladies Mirakali and Diana, who have been caught by the Alien Dictator and are kept prisoners by his Bad Dreams. Reality Rocker first liberates Mirakali and then they together with the girls of the Reality Rocker Gang find Diana in the Tower of Loneliness, where the Bad Dreams hold her in deep sleep. Mirakali knows the answer …

The DVD chapters and songs of Reality Rocker, Part One: ‘New Day’, ‘Contest Bar And The Alien Dictator’, ‘RUSSIA AND AMERICA ROCK’, ‘Reality Rocker And His Lady’, ‘SOMETHING IS HIDDEN IN MAN’S BREAST’, ‘Electronic Underworld’, ‘I AM A-LOOKIN’ FOR YOU, MY LORD’, ‘Alien Dictator’s Circus’, ‘OCEAN WORLD’, ‘Crossing The Upper Photonic Web And The War Zone’, ‘END ALL YOUR WARS’, ‘Time Dissolving Rain’, ‘NO TIME BLUES’, ‘Tower Of Loneliness’, ‘LONELY’, ‘Diana’s Sleep’, ‘FARE THEE WELL’