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My Heart Is Bleedin’ (The Christchurch Song)

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa
Produced by Filmaur Multimedia, Germany
(Color, English language, 3:01 Min.)

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‘My Heart Is Bleedin’‘ is a song dedicated by Michel Montecrossa to the people of earthquake traumatized Christchurch and New Zealand and to all victims of earthquakes in Japan and all places on our planet.

Many thanks for sharing your song and kind words and thoughts.
Best regards,

NHK appreciates the overwhelming response from around the world and would like to thank you for your words of encouragement and concern for the current situation in Japan.
We are committed to gathering the latest news about the earthquake disaster and will keep our viewers up to date.
Thank you once again for your message.

Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Anteilnahme an den gegenwärtigen Ereignissen in Japan. Die japanische Regierung erbringt momentan grösstmögliche Anstrengungen, um in Zusammenarbeit mit der internationalen Gemeinschaft diese noch nie da gewesene Herausforderung zu meistern.
Mit bestem Dank und freundlichen Grüssen
Japanische Botschaft in der Schweiz

Message from the Japanese Embassy regarding Michel Montecrossa’s song ‘ My Heart Is Bleedin’: Wir danken Ihnen herzlich für Anteilnahme und Unterstützung angesichts der furchtbaren Ereignisse in Japan.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Botschaft von Japan

The street is all dusty, rubble’s everywhere. / The quake hit us for the end game. / I know no direction, no way to go. / My heart is a-bleedin’, I miss you so.
The house where we loved is all gone. / Somewhere in the ruins memories still moan. / What will be tomorrow? I don’t know. / I know no direction, no way any more. / My heart is a-bleedin’, I miss you so.
Pain is tearin’ my heart / but then I see you there. / You are not gone, you are somewhere. / I feel your love from there, / my soul you want to save. / I know no direction, except to the Lord. / My heart is a-bleedin’, I miss you so.

Music & Lyrics: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany