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Land Under Water

Michel Montecrossa's admonishing song-prayer

Produced by Filmaur Multimedia, Germany
(Color, 5:21 Min.)

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The land is under water, / can’t you see it, my friend? / The land is under water, / and it’s not the end: other things are waitin’ / and it’s not just climate change!
A baby is a-cryin’ / and there’s no helpin’ hand. / Man forgets forgiveness. / The land is under water, man is drowned in hatred and this is not the end.
Other things are waitin’ / just around the bend. / Tomorrow won’t be easy / unless you understand: kindness is the answer / and to learn to be a friend.
The hours of the darkness / are long and full of pain / when greed becomes your master / and terror is your aim: the land is under water, / without love it’s all in vain.
The polar ice is melting, / the weather changes fast. / Volcanos are erupting / and earthquakes hit us hard: the inner world is shakin’ / when nature shows her wrath.
Your consciousness must change, / must change through peace and love. / The land is under water, / under water is your heart when drowned by cruel war / in the name of hate and god.
All nations must unite / on the way of love’s true order / beyond the fascists-borders / and the racists-games, beyond the banka-gangstas / and their cheating hands.
Truth is in your soul / beyond all thought-control. / Truth is like a mother: / simple she is and warm, brings world and men together / for healing all the wounds.