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The Rockin’ Space Gang Story

Produced by Filmaur Multimedia, Germany
(Color, English language, 105 Min.)

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Michel Montecrossa’s electrifying 36 chambers radio cyberrock concert with 143 cyberbeat story reading. The Lexus style biography of lime with all the juice. Lowriding kitty-cat freestyle movie max.

The Songs: ‘Joy For All Rock’, ‘Eurockess’, ‘Wanna Stay With You’, ‘Straight From The Garage’, ‘Story Of That Girl’, ‘Sweet Lover Blues’, ‘Alien Rock’, ‘Sword Of Freedom’, ‘Purple Curtain, Purple Pain’, ‘Virgin In My Mind’, ‘Lonely’, ‘Rockin’ Woman’, ‘Body Rocker Shocker’, ‘Wuggedy, Wuggedy-Wu, I Wanna Dance With You’, ‘Logo-Girl’, ‘Love Rocker’, ‘Love Is All’, ‘Discovering Reality’, ‘The Number-Man’, ‘Switch Off’, ‘Keep On Lovin”, ‘Road Angel Rock’, ‘Whisperin’ Echo’