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Michel Montecrossa Unplugged in the Carlton Hotel New York, 12.2.1994

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa

Produced by Filmaur Multimedia, Germany
(Color, English language, 56:00 Min.)

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“We were in New York”, tells Michel Montecrossa, “for the shooting of sequences for the ‘Reality Rocker’ Movie-Series. It was the intense experience of a flood of inspiration and creative energy condensed into a week or so of thrillingly poetic cinema work. We all were rocker, writer, musician, actor, movie maker, director and producer in one person, constantly changing inner and outer perspectives.
In the middle of this great experience new songs poured in. Parallel to the ongoing movie-action they mirrored the immense poetic feel that welled up from within during the interludes between shooting periods.
The songs came speedy with great directness, insight, drive, tenderness, power and delicacy. They were the fluid mirror through which you could go and touch the unexpected, the centering, the well of inspiration for a new day and new intensities that flowed into the movie making.
On 12th February I played all these songs in one take just before shooting of the Reality Rocker movie continued.”

The Songs: ‘Foreign Land Ballad’, ‘Weeping Man On A Bench’, ‘Purple Curtain, Purple Pain’, ‘Leather Outfit Lady’, ‘Out Of Passion’, ‘Today’s Poem’, ‘Any Love Can Be’, ‘Changing Real’, ‘Wayside Line’, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl’, ‘Diesel Train’, ‘I Kiss You Good-Bye’, ‘Poem Of Evening’s Last-Card Game’, ‘On One Summer’s Morn’’, ‘On The Grounds Of Fire’, ‘When I Think Of Your Tomorrow’, ‘Oh Lord, I’m Just A Rolling Stone’, ‘Time For Love’