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Alien Visits

Produced by Filmaur Multimedia, Germany
(Color, English language, 102 Min.)

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Michel Montecrossa’s legendary full-effect cyberrock concert movie with 4:20 cyberbeat poetry reading. Psychodelicious movie power knockin’ boots with your senses. The word is bond biography of wild thing levels of consciousness beyond twenty sacks.

The Songs: ‘Treat Me’, ‘Alien Visits #1’, ‘Rock Future Flash’, ‘Alien Visits #2’, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl’, ‘Alien Visits #3’, ‘Flying Not Dying’, ‘Alien Visits #4’, ‘The Great Illusion Of Immune Love’, ‘Alien Visits #5’, ‘You Got The The “Wunderbar”‘, ‘Alien Visits #6’, ‘What A Time’, ‘Alien Visits Continued #7’, ‘Please Look Out Your Window’, ‘Alien Visits Continued #8’, ‘Cosmos Rocker’, ‘Alien Visits Continued #9’, ‘Euro-Popper’, ‘Alien Visits Continued #10’, ‘Lovin’ Man Blues’, ‘Alien Visits Once More #11’, ‘Vision’, ‘Alien Visits Once More #12’, ‘I’m Goin’ Home To Love My Baby’, ‘Alien Visits Once More #13’, ‘Underground Muscle-Hopper’, ‘Alien Visits Once More #14’